The Bulgarian Ju Jitsu Federation (BJJF) was established in 2004 with its headquarters and address at: Mila Rodina 17, fl. 1, Sofia. The Federation is a non-profit organization for the development of Ju Jitsu in its various varieties recognized by the International Ju Jitsu federation (JJIF).

The main goal of the federation is to realize the social functions of physical culture and sport in order to strengthen the health, physical capacity and moral education of the children, youth and working people in the Republic of Bulgaria. The main goals of the organization are to increase the number of Ju Jitsu participants in all its varieties and to create conditions for achieving high sports scores on the domestic and international sport fields.

The means to meet the federation’s objectives include supporting ju jitsu activities, organizing and conducting activities relevant to sport; popularizing ju jitsu, enhancing sporting craftsmanship, promoting the traditions and the benefits of practicing ju jitsu; promotion of the successes achieved by Bulgarian competitors; cooperate with other associations and sports formations at national and international level; for its overall activity, affirms internal rules that are binding on federation members; ensures compliance of its own rules of competition with the regulations and systems of the International Ju Jitsu Federation and others.

BJJF is a member of the International Ju jitsu Federation (JJIF) and the European Jujutsu Federation (JJEU).